OilersNation.com goes through parent change


OilerNation.com,the popular platform dedicated for the National Hockey League (NHL) team, Edmonton Oilers, went through a change in its parent company.  The parent company The Nation Network has been acquired by sports media company Playmaker. Thus, the platform and the domain name OilersNation.com also belong to PlayMaker now.  Edmonton Oilers plays in the NHL and has been operating on...

.CPA expands to Canada

.cpa domain names would begin their registration in Canada. The extension that was until now, only available to Americans will venture out to include Canadians as well. People of Canada can start getting these domain names from November the 2nd. .cpa is controlled by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). .cpa stands for Certified Public Accountants. The TLD is a...

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