.ca domain begins first brand campaign in French

Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) has launched a new brand campaign for .ca domain names. Brand campaigns by a registry for its domain name is not unique. However, this would be the first time CIRA launches a brand campaign in French.

A question as to why would CIRA do so? No, this branding is not intended towards France. Rather, it is intended towards the residents of the Canadian province of Quebec. 

Quebec is a French speaking province of Canada and is also the only one. More than 70% of the population speaks French. In fact the provincial government uses French language for official duties, rather than English.

Hence to promote .ca domain names in the region, the campaign was launched. The campaign reads, ‘Quand c’est .ca, c’est local’ (When it’s .ca, it’s local).

The campaign aims to establish the .ca domain names as the local brand for the Francophile region. This aims to weed out any possible competitors of .ca, be it .com or even .fr

By The Wizard

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