.CPA expands to Canada

.cpa domain names would begin their registration in Canada. The extension that was until now, only available to Americans will venture out to include Canadians as well. People of Canada can start getting these domain names from November the 2nd.

.cpa is controlled by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). .cpa stands for Certified Public Accountants. The TLD is a restricted one. This means that the extension isn’t available to anyone. Only Certified Public Accountants or CPA firms can get access to these domain names

The restricted nature of the TLD gives it a sense of credibility and authenticity. That is, if you find a platform that has a .cpa extension, you can be sure that the platform is an authentic CPA platform. Same as you would be of a .gov or a .bank extension. 

The opening of the domain names to Canada would give a major boost to Canadian Accountants. Especially the ones that already are, or are looking to go digital.


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