CITC announces end of the transfer period of Saudi domain names

In a previous post we talked about the change in registrar policy of Saudi domain names. Domain owners of .sa and السعودية. domains were given a choice to choose from a number of private registrars. These domain names were earlier controlled  by an organization called SaudiNIC.

The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) on its website announced the end of this transition period. The transition period was initially stated to be of 10 months starting in February 2021 and ending in December 2022. However an extension of 3 months was also provided after that. Now, that transition period is announced to be complete. 

The cancellation of untransferred domains would now begin, which will make them available for registration. CITC had also recently called for even more new registrars to join the initiative. The reason behind this is a desire to increase the choices available to Saudi people and business. It is a global standard to give users a choice from multiple private vendors. Saudi wants to be at par with the same international standards.


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