Saudi Arabia extends the date of transfer of domain names

Saudi Arabia has extended the date of transfer of it’s domain names. With an extension of three months, the domain names could be transferred till 31st of March, 2022. This applies to all the domain names under .sa and السعودية. TLDs.

The transfer is regarding the change in the registrar of Saudi domain names. Saudi domains have been until now managed by SaudiNIC. However, now everyone has to change their registrars. People and NGOs can choose from a number of options, as their new registrar. Government domain names however, would be transferred directly to the Digital Government Authority. Also, this extension of time period is not applicable for Government domain names.

Saudi Arabia’s internet space is very closed on and needs some serious reforming. We talked about it in a post. The step of transferring of registrars is one of the moves, to liberalise the cyber space in the country. This transfer will give people a number of choices to choose from, as is the global standard.


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