Saudi domain names looking for new registrars

The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC), is the apex authority for Communications in Saudi Arabia. In a post it has announced the launch of the second phase of the Registrar Accreditation for Saudi Domain Names.

CITC is looking for new registrars to come, join and spread the world of Saudi domain names. The commission seeks to enable Saudi IT industries into the Saudi domain space and related services. 

The program begins from 6 March and is not time bound. CITC welcomed everyone to join the ccTLD. The approach behind CITC’s step is two pronged. On one hand, the commission wants the use of Saudi domain names to increase. While on the other hand it also wants Saudi private and public players to contribute to the domain name service market.

Saudi Domain names were for long controlled by SaudiNIC. This changed when people were asked to choose some other registrar from a list of available options. And now other registrars are also being called for. This would imply a better range of choices for people looking to invest in Saudi domain names.

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