Black Mountain Gold USA Corp. has a new name

Black Mountain Gold USA Corp. has announced a name change of the company and the brand. The company would now be known as Millennial Potash Corp. This would mark the second name change of the company as it initially began its services by the name Huffington Capital Corp.

Black Mountain Gold USA Corp.

Black Mountain is a Canadian Gold mining company, with its operation extending to US and Germany. The company held deep interest in the Mohave Gold Project.

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However, the company has now decided to change the name and has recently notified the date of the name change. The name change will be effective from January 25.

It is a publicly traded company with presence in major stock exchanges that include Toronto Stock Exchange, German Composite, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Munich Stock Exchange, Berlin Stock Exchange and OTC Market Group.

The name change

Although the company has a wide spread of operations, the business itself doesn’t seem very profitable. The company has been undergoing losses for a long time that have actually worsened over the years.

Since the past five years, the company has been making losses. However, losses were in thousands before 2021. In 2021, losses expanded to over $2 million. The company reported its 2022 figures, which presents a diminished loss total. However, it was so only when compared to the disaster of 2021.

In 2022, the company’s losses were well over $1 million. Low only when compared to 2021.

It was becoming evident that the company cannot continue on the same path that brought them here. A change as imminent.

Millennial Potash Corp

In September 2022, Black Mountain Gold announced the acquisition of the Banio Potash Project in Gabon. Gabon is a Central African country situated on the West Coast of the continent.

Potash is one of the essential components in the crop’s fertiliser needs. It contains soluble Potassium that aids the plants in their health, disease resistance and strong growth.

The Gold Industry wasn’t turning the tides for Black Mountain Gold and hence they decided to pivot to a new Potash Based Company. However, the transition wasn’t possible without a name change. The earlier name was heavily industry specific.

And hence, the new name Millennial Potash Crop was adopted.


This move does certainly bring hope for the Millennial Potash Crop. It does give a sense of departure from what must have been the toughest five years in the company’s existence and gives way for a beautiful change.

The company seems in business with its name change. The term ‘Millennial’ in the name is of significance that tells about the company as well as its primary customer base. 

It wants to portray itself as the company of millennials for the millennials. High Inflation rates and skewed Salary growth has created one of the toughest economical situations for the upcoming millennials. It has made them think of other career options and maybe Millennial Potash Corp’s initiative can put ‘Farming’ as one of the choices they do consider. 

We certainly hope Millennial Potash Corp achieves that.


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