About Omni Hotel Downtown Austin | NamesCon Global 2022

NamesCon Global 2022 is on its Second day now. An array of events awaits you to recharge your domaining spirit. The Conference has been organized in the spectacular Omni Hotel Downtown Austin. Let’s know more about the Hotel.

The Hotel is a part of the Omni Hotels chain. Omni Austin is special because of its unique location.

The Hotel is located at the nerve center of Austin with many prominent locations within a mile’s distance. Austin Convention Center, the Texas State Capitol and the 6th Street Entertainment District all are at a walking distance from the Hotel. To check the places to visit in Austin, click here.

The Hotel recently underwent a major makeover. The makeover reportedly costing a $22 million Check made several improvements in dining venues, accommodations and public places. The architecture includes Contemporary as well as mid century designs with elements of walnut, sleek black quartz, and other layered textures.

A very interesting thing about the Hotel is the history of President’s House Coffee. The Shop doesn’t just sell coffee but also a large bite of History. The Coffee house is situated at the place that was earlier inhabited by the President of the Republic of Texas.

You must be wondering when did the Republic of Texas happen? Yes, in the nineteenth century Texas was the hotbed of contention between the United States and Mexico. In fact they even went to a war over the state.

The war began when the US annexed Texas, which was earlier claimed by Mexico. Before the invasion by the US, Texas had declared freedom from Mexico. Mexico claimed them as rebels, however Texas formed its own Republic and President. They even ruled for 10 years, 1836 to 1846. 

During that period of 10 years, the President’s House was located at a place where you can have coffee now. So what are you waiting for? Grab a cup of coffee and a slice of Texan history.


  1. Larry Colt Avatar
    Larry Colt

    It’s interesting that the NamesCon Global conference is taking place in a hotel with rich history and central location in Austin, providing easy access to conference and city exploration. The recent renovation and unique feature of the President’s House Coffee shop adding a memorable experience for attendees. Overall, the Omni Hotel Downtown Austin is a great choice for hosting the conference.

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