A new .toronto TLD on the way?

Is a new .toronto TLD going to launch? A recent entry to the Lobbyist registrar at the City’s official website does hint towards it.

A report by blogTO, stated that the proposal for the launch of a new .toronto was under discussion by the Canadian Internet  Registration Authority (CIRA). CIRA is actually considering the launch of the city’s TLD. Earlier, city’s residents, if required, had to satisfy themselves with a .to domain name, which is the ccTLD of the kingdom of Tonga.  This was extra tiresome considering the popularity of the extension with the Torrent sites.

Launching of the city’s TLD or even the discussions of it, reflects that there is a demand for it also. If allowed, Toronto would join an increasing list of cities that have their own TLD. This list includes the likes of New York City, Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo, London, etc.

Domain Name space has diversified itself since its beginning, where .com enjoyed ultimate superiority. People are opting for newer and different TLDs, with native ccTLDs enjoying high demands. However, decentralization of domain name has spread deeper than just international borders, it has even spread to cities. Numerous cities have opted for their own TLDs.

It even makes sense as cities are the load bearers of a country’s economy. They generate a higher proportion of revenue for their country. They thus need a better branding platform. The launching of a city’s TLD does help in that endeavor of branding.
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