.za Domain Name Authority discusses draft registrar policies

In a previous post we talked about how the .za Domain Name Authority (ZADNA) had invited new players to join the extension. New entrants for registry services of second level .za domain names including co.za, web.za, net.za and org.za were invited and shortlisted into 5 final candidates. 

Following this, ZADNA has proposed draft policies that would involve the registry operators and registrars of the extension. The proposed policy includes standard terms and rules. There are proposals for proper identity verification of the buyer who wants the domain. The license of the registrar would end after 10 years and would require renewal. There are also provisions in the case one of the private registrar ceases to provide the services in the country. In such a case, the registrar needs to submit all registration data with the ZADNA. 

These are some unique proposals too. The draft policy requires broad-based black economic empowerment (BBBEE) information too at the time of registration. BBBEE is a program aimed at bridging the divide between the communities, generated because of the discriminatory practise of the Apartheid in South Africa.

However the License and Registrar fees are not decided as of yet. ZADNA will invite a joint discussion between members. The decision on the fees is expected to be discussed heavily in these engagement sessions.


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