Second-level .za domain name shortlists five bidders

South Africa’s domain space is looking for new players. South Africa’s ccTLD is .za. Domain names belonging to this TLD are administered and managed by a statutory body, .ZA Domain Name Authority. It is also popularly called as ZADNA.

ZADNA had opened the .za domain name space for eligible bidders. The bidding was allowed for second level .za domain names which includes,, and Candidates had to apply by 9th of December, 2021. Based on the applications received by ZADNA, it has now shortlisted 5 names. The names that were shortlisted were:

  • ZA Registry Consortium (ZARC)
  • Lexreg and Fevertree Consulting Consortium (FTC)
  • GoDaddy Registry
  • The Bean App & GMO Internet Group
  • Catalytic Peter capital Consortium

This list can also be viewed here. ZADNA surprised everyone when it cancelled the agreement with ZA Central Registry. ZADNA was looking for new entrants that keep the competitiveness of the .za domain space alive. It aims to encourage participation from small entrepreneurs and businesses to use these domain names to built their personal brand as well as contribute in building a national brand.


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