X.com does away with headlines

Elon Musk’s X, formerly known as Twitter, has undergone a significant transformation that’s generating waves of discussion among its users. In this bold move, the platform has decided to remove news headlines from its news stories, replacing them with just the main image and the web domain linked to the article. This dramatic shift is aimed at enhancing the user experience and improving the platform’s aesthetics, but it has also triggered a division among its user base.

Aesthetic Makeover:

The driving force behind this change is crystal clear – X is on a mission to present a cleaner, more visually appealing interface to its users. By bidding farewell to headlines, X is effectively decluttering its platform. It now showcases news articles with a single striking image and the web domain associated with it. The ultimate goal is to craft a visually engaging, streamlined timeline for users, ensuring a smoother and more efficient news browsing experience.

Direct Content Posting:

Elon Musk has taken proactive steps to encourage users to post content directly on X. He has even extended a warm invitation to journalists, highlighting the potential for enhanced financial rewards. This strategic move underscores X’s grand vision of becoming a comprehensive hub for content creators. It’s a place where the lines between social interaction and news sharing blur, creating a unique space for creators of all kinds.

User Reactions:

While X’s new look has garnered praise from some users who appreciate the platform’s aesthetic makeover, others find themselves grappling with frustration. The absence of headlines means that users can no longer instantly grasp the content or topic of an article. This shift has ignited a lively debate among X users, with opinions sharply divided over the pros and cons of this change.

What’s Next for X?

X’s transformation doesn’t stop at this headline-free makeover. Elon Musk has revealed a roadmap that includes exciting new features, such as live shopping, audio and video calls, and live streaming. These upcoming additions suggest that X is committed to not only enhancing its user engagement but also broadening its appeal beyond aesthetics.


Elon Musk’s X has embarked on a daring journey by eliminating headlines from its news articles, embracing a cleaner, image-centric approach. While the change strives to elevate aesthetics and streamline user experience, it has sparked a spirited debate within the user community. As X continues to evolve and experiment with new features, it remains a platform worth watching for its innovative approach to content sharing in today’s digital age. In a realm where aesthetics and functionality often collide, X stands as a captivating example of the ongoing evolution in the world of online platforms.

Source: https://english.jagran.com/technology/x-stops-showing-headlines-of-news-articles-now-shows-main-image-and-domain-full-details-10105059#lnfpwpukq7ntl3cnfze


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