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Jewish name of Elon Musk like character causes uproar


Elon Musk’s popularity never seems to be weakening, just like his stocks. The guy is all over the place. And even when he is not, his name still seems to find a way to the headlines!  A play named ‘Rare Earth Mettle‘ was being shown in London’s  Royal Court Theatre. The play has garnered wide attention over its character and it’s choice of name. The play...

Space related domain name priced at $16 Million?


I’ll be upfront with you, ever since the arrival of NFTs, I can’t digest the price of digital assets anymore. Everyday my inability to comprehend such high prices keeps on increasing. Comparatively, domain names have been easier on me. However, this domain name might change things.  As reported by Ritz Herald, an unusual domain name has come up. The content on the domain name is...

Tesla acquires two beer related trademarks


Tesla plans on yet another exciting product. No, it is not something super techie or straight from a Sci-fi movie. It is as simple as a bottle of beer!  A report by Teslarati, claims that Tesla has acquired two beer related trademarks. These include ‘Giga Beer‘ and ‘Giga Bier‘. These trademarks include the term Giga. It is important to mention here the outlandish Giga...

Cybertruck’s specifications removed from Tesla.com?


The pandemic halted our daily lives in a huge way. From our weekend dinners to pre planned vacations, everything was delayed. Global economy and manufacturing capabilities of MNCs weren’t so different either. And it looks like the company belonging to the world’s richest person was neither an exception.  As reported by Car and Driver, the specifications of the eagerly awaited...

‘Clubhouse’ fight that you need to know about


As of 17/05/2021 Clubhouse fights always catch our attention, don’t they? Well, the fight that we are going to talk about is different than those with clenched fists. The fight is a legal one, over the name ‘Clubhouse‘.  There is an audio-based social media app that goes by the name Clubhouse and is quite popular these days. Recently the company was valued at $ 4 Billion...

Anonymous attacks Epik, leaks vast amount of data


As of 17/09/2021 Anonymous, the Hacktivists known for hacking big guns of the world, have claimed yet another victim. The new prey to the decentralized, self-proclaimed vigilantes is the domain registrar and web hosting company epik.  epik has been known for its outspoken support for the far right political platforms. It has been popular for providing services to platforms that have been...

Musk’s OpenAi commercialises a tool that was previously claimed too dangerous


As of 14th June, 2020 After launching two astronauts into space Elon Musk is again making news. But perhaps, this time not in such a positive way. Elon Musk has co-founded an Artificial Intelligence company called OpenAI. This company is doing something that it itself claimed was too dangerous. OpenAI is launching an API that understands words and can do complex operations on what it reads. As...

Elon Musk, X.com and Mystery


Elon Musk, the one entrepreneur who stands out. Musk keeps surprising us all the time with his innovative and universe-denting ideas. Well, he came up with an interesting….Umm…I don’t know what to call it. Figure it out for yourself! Musk recently tweeted a link to his website x.com, “x.com/x”. This garnered immediate attention because of his history with x.com. x.com was owned by him and...

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