How a Twitter User Struck a Deal with The Boring Company Over Burnt Hair Perfume

The Opportunity Strikes

In the eccentric world of Elon Musk, unexpected and delightful tales often unfold. One such whimsical adventure took place when Jeromy Sonne, founder of Daypart.AI, saw an opportunity that he just couldn’t resist. As the founder of a tech startup, Sonne was no stranger to seizing opportunities when they presented themselves. So, when Musk announced that The Boring Company planned to sell “Burnt Hair” cologne, Sonne’s creative mind immediately sprung into action. In a matter of minutes, he bought the domain and sent a playful tweet to the billionaire extraordinaire.

Banter and Playful Proposals

While Musk remained characteristically silent, The Boring Company’s secret agents swiftly responded, sliding into Sonne’s DMs with a mysterious message, “Send us an email about your idea.” This marked the beginning of an entertaining email exchange filled with audacious requests and quirky proposals. Undeterred by Musk’s silence, Sonne pushed the boundaries of his asks, “How about a call with the man himself? A ride on his private plane, perhaps?” he whimsically inquired. “After all,” Sonne thought, “if you don’t ask, you’ll never know!”

A Deal Like No Other

Surprisingly, The Boring Company was amused by Sonne’s playful spirit and counter-offered a deal that could only happen in the realm of Musk magic. Sonne would be rewarded with a grand tour of The Boring Company’s tunnel-building facility in the quaint town of Bastrop, Texas, and an exclusive selection of Boring Co swag, including one of the very first 10 bottles of Burnt Hair cologne. It was a deal that Jeromy Sonne couldn’t resist, and he promptly transferred ownership of the domain.

The Anticipation and Adventure

But what followed was an unexpected lull, leaving Sonne wondering if his adventure had hit a dead end. “There was some radio silence for a while, and I was kind of worried there for a minute,” Sonne confessed. However, persistence and patience were rewarded as the long-awaited day of the tunnel tour finally arrived.

A Whimsical Journey through the Tunnels

Accompanied by his wife and their four-year-old son, Sonne was elated to explore the bustling world of Musk’s creations. However, strict security measures meant that their phones were strictly off-limits, and the family was required to sign a playful yet legal non-disclosure agreement. For Jeromy Sonne’s young son, the adventure held an extra-special charm. With an unwavering passion for construction and diggers, the tour was a dream come true. Once back home, the little adventurer couldn’t contain his excitement, building tunnels with Magna-Tiles and running toy cars through them, all inspired by the marvelous journey they had experienced.

The Joyful Conclusion

As the dust settled and the tour concluded, Jeromy Sonne was left with a heart full of joy and a memory that would be retold for years to come. The tale of how he turned a quirky domain purchase into an unforgettable escapade with The Boring Company would remain etched in the annals of internet lore. In the land of Elon Musk, dreams and playful ventures come alive, and for Jeromy Sonne and his family, this extraordinary encounter was nothing short of a magical journey through the realms of technology, tunnels, and Musk’s boundless imagination. 


  1. Gurbani Avatar

    Looks like a modern sequel of Charlie and the chocolate factory! A great read with an interesting development.

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