Would .HipHop rise?

HipHop isn’t a genre of music, but a lifestyle in itself. Them sick old beats have accompanied us in our darkest of times to our glorious ones. However, surprisingly the domain name industry hasn’t done appropriate justice with the industry. 

The .HipHop domain name has been around for sometime, but the registration of related domain names hasn’t shown any exceptional and encouraging numbers. The reputation of the domain name was also marred because of a controversy with Uniregistry. 

Uniregistry had announced a new plan regarding the auction of its portfolio of domain names that included .HipHop domain names. The registry didn’t just auction the domain names, it also claimed to transfer related NFTs on ENS.

This merging of NFTs and Domain Names was problematic in the eyes of ICANN. This led to problems regarding the frutification of the auction terms and conditions. 

In a separate agreement, Dot Hip Hop LLC had negotiated to purchase the TLD from Uniregistry. However, his claim to the extension was clouded by the advent of this auction problem by Uniregistry. 

The Dot Hip Hop has now announced that it is going to relaunch the .HipHop extension. The new registry secured the necessary permissions from ICANN in March this year. 

The Dot Hip Hop aims to revolutionize the domain name space through the entry of .HipHop extension. It aims to achieve this by first reducing the price of the extension by 80%. The company had found that the extension’s earlier failure was based on bad marketing and high prices. 

Along with this, the registry also seeks to market directly to the end users, instead of trying to reach the same with the introduction of third party players. The company expressed that it believed that end user companies in the domain name industry have done well and they need to do that as well.


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