WordPress.com’s Aggressive Bid for Google Domains Customers

The recent sale of Google Domains to Squarespace for a staggering $180 million has stirred up the domain registrar industry. In response, WordPress.com, a prominent player in the domain business, is making an assertive move to win over Google Domains customers. The company’s latest offer includes paying transfer fees and providing an additional year of registration for the first million domains transferred from Google Domains. Furthermore, WordPress.com is pledging to offer the same pricing or lower for 400+ top-level domains, along with a commitment to maintain low prices for the long term. This article delves into WordPress.com’s strategy, Squarespace’s motivations, and the implications of this seismic shift in the domain market.

A Strategic Move by WordPress.com:

WordPress.com‘s aggressive bid for Google Domains customers demonstrates their determination to expand their domain registrar business. As a major player in the website hosting and content management space, WordPress.com is seeking to establish itself as a one-stop shop for users’ website needs. By offering to cover transfer fees and provide an additional year of registration, they aim to entice Google Domains customers to make the switch. This deal is not limited to new customers; existing WordPress.com customers are also set to benefit from lowered prices, showcasing the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Squarespace’s Acquisition of Google Domains:

Squarespace’s acquisition of Google Domains may come as a surprise to some industry observers. However, Squarespace’s CEO, Anthony Casalena, revealed that the company’s longstanding relationship as a reseller of Google Workspace played a significant role in Google’s decision to offer them the domains. This acquisition opens up new opportunities for Squarespace to cross-sell website packages to the incoming domain customers. With approximately 10 million domains up for grabs, Squarespace is poised to significantly expand its customer base.

Google’s Surprising Decision:

The decision by Google to sell its domain business to Squarespace has left some puzzled. While it may seem counterintuitive for a tech giant like Google to divest from this venture, it appears that they were focused on finding a suitable steward for the business. The sale includes the domains themselves, hosting services, and registrations, making it essential to find a company with the necessary infrastructure to support this massive undertaking. Google’s selection of Squarespace and the subsequent opportunity for WordPress.com raises questions about the competitive process involved in such deals.

WordPress.com’s Challenge: Awareness and Perception:

Despite WordPress.com’s compelling offer, there is a significant challenge in making prospective customers aware of the platform’s domain registrar services. Many users may assume that WordPress.com domains are exclusively meant for WordPress sites, causing hesitation in switching registrars. To counter this, WordPress.com needs to implement a comprehensive marketing strategy to educate users about the independence of their domain services. By clarifying that customers can buy domains from their registrar and host websites elsewhere, WordPress.com can appeal to a broader audience.

The Impact on the Domain Market:

With WordPress.com’s aggressive bid and Squarespace’s ambitious plans for cross-selling website packages, the domain market is experiencing a paradigm shift. Existing players, like Cloudflare, Godaddy, and Bluehost, may find themselves facing new challenges as more domains move to WordPress.com and Squarespace. The increased competition could lead to further innovation, better pricing, and enhanced customer service in the domain industry.


WordPress.com’s bold bid for Google Domains customers, coupled with Squarespace’s acquisition of the domain business, has sparked excitement and curiosity in the domain market. The strategic moves made by both companies are poised to reshape the landscape, offering users more choices and better deals. As this story unfolds, it will be intriguing to witness how other domain registrars respond and how customers embrace the new opportunities in the ever-evolving world of domains and web hosting.


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