Why has this bank switched to a new domain name?

For every bank, trustworthiness, recognizability and authenticity matters the most. Their name, logos, trademarks, websites and brandings define their identity. Hence, they are reluctant against any alteration to their name or related terms. However, a bank has changed its primary functioning domain name. Let’s see why. 

Decorah Bank & Trust is a bank operating in the North Eastern part of the Iowa state of the USA. The Bank recently took a decision to change the primary functioning domain name. The Bank had been operating on the domain name DecorahBank.com. However, from now on the primary domain name would be Decorah.bank. The domain name DecorahBank.com is still active and redirects to the new domain Decorah.bank

A question arises as to why would a bank change its domain name, risking confusion. The reason is that although the name change might confuse some people initially, it won’t be on a large scale as they still have their old domain name working. On top of it, the benefits of the new name far outweigh the risks. 

The bank has opted for a .bank domain name. Just like a .gov domain name, having a .bank domain name in itself proves that you are actually a bank. The operators of TLD make sure that the applicant is truly a bank. This blanket of assurance gives extra credibility and security to a domain name. This is why Decorah Bank made this transition. In the long term, the domain name switch is going to make the bank more trustworthy, brandable and reliant.


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