Why did this county made a shift from a .com to a .gov name?

Centre County, is a county in the State of Pennsylvania of the US. The county is going to conduct its municipal elections. Amid this electoral process, the county decided to make a transition in its election related domain name. The transition was switching from the previous .com name to .gov name. 

.com stands for commercial, while .gov stands for the Government. Although, a .com name has been an all time popular extension, it won’t fit into domain names of all kinds. As with this example of Centre County. 

A .com name is suited for domain names intended for a commercial purpose. This was clearly not the case here. The County and that too an election domain name falls under the gambit of Governance. A .gov domain name was obviously better apt for the purpose.

A .gov domain name provides exclusivity and a sense of security. The extension itself establishes that the website is safe and of the government. The .gov TLD is administered by Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and only government entities could access it. CISA is a component of the US Department of Homeland Security.

The Centre County domain related to the election was CentreCountyVotes.com. However, it has now been transitioned into CentreCountyVotes.gov. The Centre County’s official domain name is also a .gov name, i.e., CentreCountyPA.com.

While finding a domain name, picking the desired Second-level domain is not enough. Emphasis should also be upon the choice of the Top Level domain in accordance with the utility of the desired name.


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