Why has the Turkish court blocked the domain Havrita.com?

A Turkish Court has recently blocked the domain name Havrita.com. The blockade came amid global online protest regarding the domain name with the promulgated hashtag #HavritaKapatilsin (Shut Down Havrita). So what was all the fuss about?

Havrita.com is a social platform that aims at locating street dogs. The name Havrita is an amalgamation of Hav, i.e., Bark and Harita i.e., a map. The complete meaning thus being the map of barks.

However, it wasn’ the name that drew protests. The protests were brought because of the way the platform was used. The platform didn’t seek to give home to poor dogs. But, rather it was a way to exterminate them, which some residents consider as filth.

There had been many instances of multiple dogs being found dead in the localities that were mentioned in the platform. It was speculated that the dead dogs were being poisoned.

The issue became political as it was then associated with the growing wave of Islamisation in Turkey. Dogs are considered impure according to Orthodox Muslims. Hence, there was even a justification to the killings and the website. Some even supported the platform as it aided their ‘right to live in a healthy environment’. An environment which would have been apparently unfit with the presence of dogs!

The matter reached the courts. The court banned access to the disputed platform’s domain name.


  1. Abhishek Kumar Avatar
    Abhishek Kumar

    In the face of the huge reaction, Havrita’s spokesperson Devrim Koçak said that the application did not have an intention of calling on people to hurt dogs. “We launched the map Havrita in May 2022. The application’s purpose is for people who have been attacked by dog gangs to show where the attacks happened.”

  2. Larry Colt Avatar
    Larry Colt

    It’s important to note that this issue highlights the ethical and moral concerns surrounding the treatment of animals, particularly street dogs. It also highlights the tension between different beliefs and values within a society, in this case the cultural views on the role and treatment of dogs in Turkey. The decision of the court to block the domain name of the platform can be seen as a step towards protecting the welfare of animals and promoting compassion.

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