Why has the Turkish court blocked the domain Havrita.com?


A Turkish Court has recently blocked the domain name Havrita.com. The blockade came amid global online protest regarding the domain name with the promulgated hashtag #HavritaKapatilsin (Shut Down Havrita). So what was all the fuss about? Havrita.com is a social platform that aims at locating street dogs. The name Havrita is an amalgamation of Hav, i.e., Bark and Harita i.e., a map. The complete...

After Country’s name change, Turkish Airlines fears the same


Last month, the whole world was surprised when Turkey changed its name to Türkiye. The Turkish President Mr. Erdogan announced that the name was changed as it presents the country’s history and values in a more appropriate way.  After the nation’s name change, Erdogan has also announced that the Turkish Airlines would be renamed too. In his statement the Turkish President stated...

Small Turkish company over a Global Leader


Medtronic, Inc. is one of the World’s largest medical devices and technology companies. The US based company has been providing healthcare services since 1949. The company faced issues when someone registered the domain name Medotronic.com. The Company thus decided to reach WIPO over this.  The Complainant is a multinational conglomerate with operations in over 150 countries. The...

Changes in the Dispute Resolution Policy of .tr


Turkey is going to change Domain Resolution Policies related to .tr domain names. The Information Communications and Technology Authority (ICTA) has proposed a Draft Communiqué on Dispute Resolution Mechanism. The Draft Communiqué has several new propositions as compared to the previous one. There were certain provisions regarding the eligibility of Dispute Resolution Service Providers (DRSP)...

The most popular name in Somalia


Somalia is a country in the western part of Africa. The country’s coastline is the largest in the continent while majority of the country practises Islam. However, I found something very interesting regarding this country, the most popular name. The most popular girl’s name in the country is ‘Istanbul’. Why does the name ‘Istanbul’ have such popularity in the country? The question is valid...

Different Second level .tr domains under TRABIS


In a previous post we talked about TRABIS. We talked about how the .tr domain names are going through a change in management. However, there are other Second level .tr domain names too. How does the change pan out on them?  As of now, the extension is controlled by Nic.tr (to be changed from January, 2022). There are several restrictions under Nic.tr. The domain name registration requires...

TRABIS, Turkey and .tr


There are major changes going for .tr domain names. The extension is going through a complete change in management. It was earlier managed by Nic.tr. However, beginning from January 2022, the extension will be managed by TRABIS.  .tr is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of Turkey. The extension was until now managed by Middle East Technical University. However after the signing of a...

Trump’s domain name hacked, defaced with Quranic verse


Former POTUS and businessman Donald Trump hasn’t had much to cheer about in recent times. From losing the presidency to the impeachment process to the Capitol riots, things aren’t going well for him. Amid this, Trump faced another blow.  Some hackers hacked the domain name action.DonaldJTrump.com. Not only did they hack the system, they also left a note which is from the Quran...

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