Different Second level .tr domains under TRABIS

In a previous post we talked about TRABIS. We talked about how the .tr domain names are going through a change in management. However, there are other Second level .tr domain names too. How does the change pan out on them? 

As of now, the extension is controlled by Nic.tr (to be changed from January, 2022). There are several restrictions under Nic.tr. The domain name registration requires identification documents. Come the TRABIS reign, some of the .tr names might see some ease in registration procedures. Second level domain names under .com.tr, .net.tr and .org.tr will be available without any documents. 

However, these restrictions would still be present even when TRABIS takes over for some extensions. These extensions include .av.tr, .bel.tr, .dr.tr, .edu.tr, .gov.tr, .k12.tr, .kep.tr, .pol.tr and .tsk.tr. Documents would be necessary for these names.


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