Changes in the Dispute Resolution Policy of .tr

Turkey is going to change Domain Resolution Policies related to .tr domain names. The Information Communications and Technology Authority (ICTA) has proposed a Draft Communiqué on Dispute Resolution Mechanism. The Draft Communiqué has several new propositions as compared to the previous one.

There were certain provisions regarding the eligibility of Dispute Resolution Service Providers (DRSP). The amendment seeks to present those who meet these provisions, with an activity certificate. There are also amendments regarding the qualifications of arbitrators. Earlier, there were restrictions with only few education fields allowed. However, now any graduate of a college providing a 4 year undergraduate course or recognised by the Higher Education Institute in Turkey or abroad, can qualify.

The draft Communiqué also mandates TRABIS to publish all the relevant data regarding resolution cases on its website. Regarding the DRSP, earlier if they were found in violation of legislation, a warning was issued. The draft Communiqué now gives ICTA the power to terminate DRSP in such cases. 

Read about the case in detail here.

Recently, we posted about the changes in .tr domain name regulation as TRABIS takes over. You can read them here.


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