What’s special about the new DomainTools Iris Detect?

In a previous post we talked about the acquisition of Farsight Security by DomainTools. After 5 years of partnership between the two companies, both of them finally decided to merge. Now jointly, they have launched an innovative new product. It is called DomainTools Iris Detect.

The new tool discovers and monitors fraudulent domain names impersonating popular brand names at an astonishing speed and accuracy. The robustness of the system could be assumed from the fact that it identifies 350,000 domain names every single day! None of the  competitors process this volume of domain names.

Iris Detect monitors and compares new domain name registrations with brand names. Using algorithms designed by DomainTools, a Risk Score is generated. This score proves to be helpful in assessing the risk related to accessing a domain name. Online phishing and impersonating scams have become very common. If you do not pay attention carefully to the domain name you are visiting, you might be duped into a cyber scam.

In order to have a hassle free web surfing experience, tools like DomainTools Iris can be quite helpful. With the unmatched amount of domain names processed, along with the combined force of technology developed by DomainTools and Farsight Securities, Iris could be a good fit for you.


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