What’s more to Epik’s CEO change?

A week ago Epik Holdings, Inc. announced a change in company’s CEO. One of the company’s Founder, President and CEO Rob Monster stepped down from the apex position and gave way to Brian Royce as the new head.

This might seem as a normal case of succession, however it is not. The CEO change hasn’t been very organic, and is influenced by external factors. One of them being, politics.

Epik has since long been seen as the company associated with Right wing politics. The domain company has instances of supporting platforms like Parler, Gab and 4chan.

In response to it, Epik has been targeted online severely by people aligning with the opposing political fraternity. There also has been a case of cyberattack on it, organized by Anonymous.

However, many of the allegations had also been directed at erstwhile CEO Rob Monster personally. From allegations around his company to even his name, Rob had to endure all. While other companies like Facebook have also been accused of improperly filtering hateful content, Epik was accused of allowing it unhindered.

Epik’s response to these allegations has always been that it is supporting free speech. With the new CEO, the said approach is not going to change much. Epik has said that under new control, Epik would continue to uphold free speech. However, the change at the topmost position can give the company a fighting ground against people seeking changes in the company.


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