What would Domino’s do against DominickPizzas.com?

Domino’s Pizza was established in 1960. Interestingly the Pizza giant started with the name DomiNick’s, a name borrowed from the place where the owners of Domino’s earlier worked. However, upon expansion they had to drop the name, and hence the name Domino’s was chosen. However, it looks like someone is trying to repeat history.

A Pizza chain was recently brought to the court over the infringement of logo, mark and trade name related to Domino’s. The defendant here is Dominick Pizza. A small pizza chain working in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. There is a very visible similarity between the logos of both the parties with the same kind of stylizing However, the infringement was not limited to just logos and names, but also in the flavor variants. Various choices of Pizzas being sold in this counterfeit chain were also stolen from Domino’s.

The defendant even had a trademark infringing domain name at DominickPizzas.com. The court found the gross violation of the Plaintiff’s related trademarks. The court found the trademark violations established, with the defendant even trying to copy the plaintiff’s flavor. This was supported by various reviews as well.

 The court prohibited the defendant from using any logo, mark and trade name related to the plaintiff. The court also prohibited the defendant from selling any products with the plaintiff’s flavors and branding in it.


  1. Larry Colt Avatar
    Larry Colt

    “Wow, it’s crazy to see how history repeats itself! Domino’s Pizza started as DomiNick’s but had to change their name when they expanded. Now, a small pizza chain called Dominick Pizza is facing legal action for infringing on Domino’s logo, mark, and trade name. The similarities are hard to miss, even down to the flavor choices. The court found the violations established and prohibited the defendant from using any branding related to Domino’s.

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