What is halting Wildberries’ transition to Berries?

Wildberries is a well known name in Russia. It is the largest Russian online retailing platform. The company functions even outside Russia with presence in more than 15 countries.

The Company recently decided to change its name. The Company decided to drop the ‘Wild’ from its name, and just keep the Russian translation of the Berries, i.e., ягодки. However, the company faces a major hindrance in order to do so.

Aviasales is another Russian online company. The company helps in booking air tickets. However, it doesn’t itself allow booking tickets but provides links from where you can get the tickets like a metsearch platform.

The domain ягодки.рф is registered with Aviasales. As we visit the domain, we are redirected towards Aviasales domain name at Aviasales.ru/?params=CCU1

This might be a major hindrance towards the name change of Wildberries. Without the domain name, rebranding can be a disaster. Wildberries experimentally changed their name for one day. It was changed back to the erstwhile name, after a day.

The name change comes amidst a number of Russian companies going for a more indigenous and Russian brand identity. The war with Ukraine, NATO support and economic sanctions have boosted the nationalistic sentiments of the Russians. Hence, many companies are changing how their brand is perceived in the market.


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