Web.com acquires Webcentral

As of 16/07/2020

Web.com has acquired yet another company. Webcentral, formerly known as Melbourne IT and Arq Group has been acquired for a sum of $12.2 Million, as reported by CRN. Webcentral is Australia’s largest full-service digital services partner for small and medium businesses.

 Web.com is a domain name and web services providing company. Originally started as Website Pros Inc., the company took to its new name after it acquired Web.com. Website Pros paid $129 Million for this deal with $25 Million in cash and rest in stocks. The acquisition and the name change did wonders for the company as its subscribers increased by 3 times! 

Web.com has had a history of acquisitions. It continues to merge companies that could bolster the company’s presence further and further. It has acquired companies and domain names like Innuity, eBoz, Leads.com, 1ShoppingCart.com, Solid Cactus, Register.com, SnapNames, Scoot.com, Yodle and Donweb.com. It won’t be wrong to say, seeing this list, that Web.com’s primary growth strategy tends to be around acquisitions. 

This acquisition of Webcentral by it is also for the same goal. This is to strengthen and broaden it’s base to the Australian market. Webcentral has been prominent in that region and Web.com hopes to cash on that.


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