Unstoppable Domains integrates encrypted messaging

Unstoppable Domains has brought it another cool integration for its domain names users. Users of Unstoppable Domains can send end to end encrypted messages. This comes at a time when Web 3 is going through a bumpy ride.

Unstoppable Domains has launched the new messaging service in association with the blockchain company Skiff. Skiff is a private end to end encrypted messaging platform. 

Along with encrypted emails, Skiff also provides a drive suite. You can also make collaborative and encrypted notes and tables as well as share encrypted files on Drive through Skiff Pages and Skiff Drive respectively.

This comes just a few weeks after the US Government blocked Tornado Cash. Tornado Cash was blocked on the charges of corruption and money laundering. However, the reception from the blockchain community was that it was an attack on the decentralized web.

In such a scenario, having an end encrypted messaging add-on is a service sought by many. Unstoppable Domains hopes on capitalizing it.

Unstoppable Domains is truly unstoppable in its work ethic. Just a while ago they had acquired the status of a Unicorn. They launched a new product and were even partners at NameCon Global 2022!


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