Unstoppable Domains at 1 Billion Dollars?


Unstoppable Domains is growing and growing strong. Just recently, we posted how it earned its place in Forbes’ prestigious list. And today, we again have an interesting development to this growing blockchain company.

TechCrunch has reported that Unstoppable Domains is seeking funding priced at the valuation of $ 1 Billion! Yupp, $1 Billion. The company is in talks with several interested investors such as Draper Associates, Coinbase Ventures, Protocol Labs and Naval Ravikant. It is said that the company is currently seeking investments of $60 Million. However, no deal has been finalised yet.

Although no partner has been finalised yet, a comment from Unstoppable Domains did come up where they expressed the desire to become ‘Coinbase of Decentralised Web’. Respecting the genuineness of the aspirations, it can also be an attempt to woo Coinbase Ventures as its partners. A deal might also be in the making. The smoke would clear only when the declaration is made by the company.

The company has been hiring specialists from different companies in a work environment that is applauded even by Forbes. It also has partnered with a number of Decentralised applications, the figure of which is reported to be 140. In the recent few months it has substantially grown its user-base and revenue. The valuation sought by the company portrays the confidence and respect it has garnered for itself. People, looking to make it big, start taking notes. Now!
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By The Wizard

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