Unstoppable Domains finds mention in Forbes’ list

Forbes has published its recent list of America’s Best Startup Employers. The fourth edition of the annually published report gauges the employment conditions in the Startup industry. The list was composed after assessing 2,500 US businesses which had more than 50 employers and were founded between 2012 and 2019. Finally after much evaluations , a list of 500 top employers was formed and published.

Unstoppable Domains too finds its place in this important list. In fact, the company has done brilliantly and is ranked very highly in the list. The domain name company was ranked #39, among the top 500 employers. Among such brutal competitiveness in startups, getting such good ranks is not easy. It shows a charity in vision, depicted by such high-ranking employee management.

Unstoppable Domains expressed gratitude over the inclusion in the list.  Reportedly, the company’s employee base grew by 350% in just the last 1 year. Not only that, the Decentralized Web company is now present in 18 countries. So, not only have its officials increased in number,  but are also spread across different nations. Thus, bringing a spectrum of ideas, inclusivity and diversity to the company’s work culture.

Forbes list is an important insight to the StartUp Industry. People hoping to begin a startup usually tend to think about ideas and products. However, a company is formed by people in it. It is equally important to look after them and have a sense of care for them. Only then could you go farther.

You can read the full list here


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