Unstoppable Domains and Ethereum Name Service Join Forces: A New Era for Decentralized Domains

In a groundbreaking move, Unstoppable Domains and the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) have joined hands, marking a significant milestone in the world of decentralized domain names. The integration of these two leading platforms opens up exciting possibilities for users, allowing them to create human-readable domain names and cryptocurrency wallet addresses. With millions of domain registrations between them, this partnership promises to revolutionize the Web3 domain space.

Streamlining Domain Management:

Unstoppable Domains now offers support for .eth domain names from the ENS, streamlining the process of acquiring and managing decentralized domains. Users can purchase .eth names through Unstoppable with added payment methods and enhanced functionality, all while benefiting from the robustness of the ENS smart contract. This integration ensures that .eth domains purchased through Unstoppable retain the same level of functionality as those registered directly through ENS.

Ease of Adoption:

One notable feature of Unstoppable Domains is its provision of Unstoppable Vault, a noncustodial offering that allows users to secure Web3 domains without an initial cryptocurrency wallet. This simplifies the onboarding process, enabling individuals to acquire .eth domains even if they do not possess an Ethereum wallet. Unstoppable Domains also offers users the convenience of auto-renewal, eliminating the need for on-chain renewal and the potential risk of losing a domain.

Flexible Payment Options:

Unstoppable Domains’ integration with ENS introduces a wide range of payment methods for purchasing .eth domains. Users can now transact using Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies, as well as traditional fiat payment options like credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. This flexibility in payment choices makes it easier for individuals to enter the decentralized domain space, catering to both crypto enthusiasts and those more accustomed to conventional payment methods.

Expanding Domain Management Tools:

Unstoppable Domains is committed to enhancing its offerings by developing .eth domain management tools. These tools will empower users to set cryptocurrency addresses, manage on-chain profile data, and transfer their .eth domains seamlessly. As users navigate the Web3 ecosystem, these management features will be invaluable for maintaining an active presence and optimizing their domain usage.

Integration and Limitations:

Users who purchase .eth domains through Unstoppable can take advantage of ENS integrations, leveraging the wider ecosystem and its associated services. However, it’s important to note that .eth domains acquired through Unstoppable Domains will not function with Unstoppable’s existing 800+ integrations. Nevertheless, the expanding range of supported Web3 domains, including .nft, .crypto, .wallet, .dao, .bitcoin, .polygon, .BinanceUS, and .blockchain, further solidifies Unstoppable Domains’ position as a comprehensive decentralized domain provider.

The collaboration between Unstoppable Domains and the Ethereum Name Service represents a significant development in the decentralized domain name space. By integrating their services, these industry leaders have paved the way for streamlined domain management, increased adoption, and expanded functionality for users. As the Web3 ecosystem continues to evolve, this partnership heralds a new era of possibilities, empowering individuals to truly own and control their online presence through human-readable domain names and secure cryptocurrency wallet addresses.


  1. Zoe Martin Avatar

    Unstoppable Domains and Ethereum Name Service (ENS) have partnered, a game-changer in decentralized domain names. Users can now create human-readable domains and crypto wallet addresses, revolutionizing the Web3 domain landscape. Millions of registrations between them ensure a significant impact.

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