Union of Missouri switches from a .org to .gov

Union is a city in the Franklin County of the state of Missouri. The city has opted for a change in the email addresses of the officials. Along with the email addresses, the city’s official domain name also might go for the change. 

The city operates on a .org domain name. The city’s current domain name is UnionMissouri.org. However, the city wants a .gov domain name. The new email address and the new domain name might possibly be UnionMissouri.gov. A check at the .gov domain name left me empty handed as the website is not yet functional on the new domain name. 

The reason behind the change is protection and cybersecurity. A .gov domain is more secure and credible as compared to a simple .org domain name. This is because .org and many other extensions are operated by private individuals. A .gov domain  name on the other hand is operated by Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), which is a part of the United States Homeland Security.


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