This domain name might hinder Amazon’s expansion in Belgium

Amazon has been having a tough time lately. The e-Commerce firm’s stocks have been falling since the past 2 months. Amazon had the highest brand value, the previous year. However, this year Apple has retained the top spot in the brand value. 

Amazon hopes to solve this through expansion into different countries. Company has planned to open its webshop in 5 countries. 4 of them are Chile, Colombia, Nigeria and South Africa. The fifth is a special one, i.e. Belgium. 

While with the former 4 countries, Amazon wants to expand next year. With  Belgium on the other hand, Amazon is planning to build a web store this year. 

However there is a complexity. In order to establish a web store Amazon needs a domain name. However the domain name of Amazon’s choice, i.e., has already been taken

A firm called Amazon Insurance has the possession of the concerned name in Belgium. The firm is not a subsidiary of the e-commerce giant. With the unavailability of Amazon’s Belgian domain name, the address of its planned webstore is still in speculations.

Amazon most probably won’t budge down on its choice and would pay a hefty price to recover the domain name. It’d be interesting to see if Amazon is successful in it or not. Let’s see.


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