The Left looking to malign another candidate with a domain name

The shift of the left towards the far left continues to happen in the US. The grave and tragic shooting recently gave another boost to them for propagating lies, propaganda and hate. 

The left bandwagon to unfairly associate Republican politicians with tragic sensetive issues continues. This time it has been joined by one of the writers of one of the popular TV Series. Artists are the prime targets of this extreme ideology. Far left authoritarians use an artist’s inherent sensitivity and openness as a vulnerability. 

One of these writers has registered the domain name of a political candidate. Why? To continously malign the image of a political candidate, to restrict and intrude upon the political campaign of an individual, and to curtail the freedom of speech and expression of opposing views. 

Elise Stefanik is a representative in New York’s congressional district. Elise is hoping for a re-election this year. However, the domain name EliseStefanik.com2022, has been registered and is used to malign the candidate’s image and reputation by the proponents of the far left ideology. 

The operators of the domain name falsely associates the candidate with the serious issue of Buffalo shooting on the basis of trivial facts. The far left started shaming her because she once said about “the great replacement theory”. The Buffalo shooter was influenced by this theory and hence the left claims to artificially extract a pointless agenda against the candidate. 

It should be asked first as to what the theory means. The theory claims that White people are being sidelined and marginalised slowly by influx of non-white folks. This issue is not something unusual. The Conservatives have constantly used and brought this issue of reverse-racism, and this is not an abnormality. 

But, what is abnormal is taking a legitimate, transparent and open political issue and then demonizing the whole issue with unjustified association with a horrendous incident. I know it’s unfair, but that’s the way the left rolls! 

Associating a political representative on this basis would equate to labeling someone authoritarian because they have a hand, similar to a terrorist. These kind of comparisons is just bizarre, dumb and tragic to consider upon.


  1. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    The digital mishap is the latest example of campaign domain squatting — when opponents, fans, namesakes and other enterprising spirits snatch up Web addresses relevant to candidates.
    The tactics and tools have changed significantly, and I believe that we’re at a point where securing URLs is a way of life as opposed to an afterthought. And if your campaign views these URLs as an afterthought, that means you’ve already been caught flat-footed and you’re not ready for the digital age.

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