Tesla acquires two beer related trademarks


Tesla plans on yet another exciting product. No, it is not something super techie or straight from a Sci-fi movie. It is as simple as a bottle of beer! 

A report by Teslarati, claims that Tesla has acquired two beer related trademarks. These include ‘Giga Beer‘ and ‘Giga Bier‘. These trademarks include the term Giga. It is important to mention here the outlandish Giga factories. These super huge factories supply batteries to Tesla’s Cars. Once completed, the Giga Nevada would be the largest factory in the world

The acquisition of the trademarks and starting a company of the name has two-fold implications. First the company itself could capitalise on Tesla’s popularity and second it would further strengthen the Giga Factories and hence, the Tesla brand. Even the bottles of the company would be shaped like the Cybertruck. The beer would have conical edges unlike the regular beer bottles. 

Hope this venture of the world’s richest man achieves all the success and ‘shoots to the moon’!

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