Sri Lanka accepts a new .basketball domain name

FIBA (Fédération Internationale de Basketball or International Basketball Federation) is conducting a Digital Communication and Media Workshop in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The federation is training the Sri Lankans how to use the internet and social media as an efficient medium of connecting and promoting the game of Basketball

With the workshop, another important news surfaced related to the digital spread of Sri Lankan basketball. Sri Lanka Basketball Federation will be moving to a new domain name, The island nation currently functions on a .com domain name of

It isn’t a surprise step. As discussed in a previous article, FIBA along with the game also manages the extension, .basketball. Recently, FIBA announced that it is going to partner with GoDaddy to expand the reach of a .basketball domain

FIBA is continously pushing for the expansion and popularity of the game of Basketball. In this endeavour it finds the role and branding of .basketball immensely important. .basketball‘s recent expansion to Sri Lanka suggests they are going in the right direction.


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