FIBA teams up with GoDaddy to push .basketball TLD

Fédération Internationale de Basketball (FIBA), commonly known as the  International Basketball Federation in English, has announced a partnership with GoDaddy. The teaming up has been to promote the extension .basketball.

FIBA along with LLC has joined hands with GoDaddy. FIBA aims to make the .basketball domain accessible to everyone. Hence,the world’s most popular registry was clearly the ideal partner. 

Interestingly, FIBA not only manages world basketball but also the .basketball extension. FIBA earlier operated on a .com domain name with the name However, the Federation switched to a more specific domain name of

Not only FIBA, but more and more basketball organizations, ranging from National teams to local teams are embracing the .basketball TLD. As for example Argentina shifted from to Similarly Australia also changed from to Even Egypt switched from to

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