Space related domain name priced at $16 Million?

I’ll be upfront with you, ever since the arrival of NFTs, I can’t digest the price of digital assets anymore. Everyday my inability to comprehend such high prices keeps on increasing. Comparatively, domain names have been easier on me. However, this domain name might change things. 

As reported by Ritz Herald, an unusual domain name has come up. The content on the domain name is even more unusual, to say the least. The domain name is a cool name, however the price they are asking will blow your minds. The domain name I am talking about is, as clearly understood, is a domain name related to space. The website has only a single page which has a poem written on it. The poem talks about the purpose as well as the price of the domain name.

The domain name is intended for kids who want to reach space. The domain is priced at a staggering $16 million. Ever since the rise of our man, Elon Musk began and the eventual space race started, space exploration has become the new gold rush. 

However, while understanding the interest related to the subject, don’t you think $16 million for this domain name is too much? 


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