Russian restaurateur loses domain name before opening in Kansas

Macro incidents have several lasting micro impacts, however what is the extent of such connection. Should every micro event be viewed through a bigger macro lens, or does it have its own separate understanding?

The answer must be looking at the incident through various different perspectives. A smart amalgamation of these perspectives might render us a comprehensible picture of the matter at hand.

Little Russia Chili Parlor

In the city of Topeka, Kansas a restaurateur had his hopes high as he was about to launch his new restaurant. The new restaurant was named Little Russia Chilli Parlor. The restaurant was named so because of its distinct choice of serving Cold beer with Hot Pickles.

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However, all his plans of branding his new restaurant came to a halt. While registering the domain name of his restaurant, he found that it was already taken. Yes, the domain name was taken!

However, the domain name wasn’t registered for long. The domain was registered in July last year. And it was the neighbour who had registered the domain name.


There has been no communication with the registrant of the domain name. Hence, the intention behind the registration is unknown. There can be two probable reasons why the domain name was registered.

The first reason might be for gaining undue advantage. The registrant must have gotten wind of a new restaurant being opened. Registering the domain name was thus a malicious and financially beneficial step. 

The domain name that was so easy to purchase earlier, could now be sold to the Restaurateur at a price many times the original price. The Restaurateur also suffers the risk of the domain name being transferred to one of its competitors.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Although, fraudism and monetary benefits can be the guiding emotions behind the incident, Anti-Russian feelings cannot be totally rejected. In fact, the name of the Restaurant can be even more problematic as it might have aggravated any buried sentiments among the locals.

The ‘Little Russia’ term in the name of the Restaurant is a reference to Ukraine. In Russia, Ukraine is referred to as Little Russia. It is also called Malaya Rossiya or Malorossiya.

Ever since the Ukraine conflict surfaced, the US has been actively speaking against Russia. There has been a wave of economic sanctions and anti-Russian feelings in the US and Europe.

Launching a restaurant with such a name that calls Ukraine through its Russian name, might not be the wisest choice to do in the US.


The owner of Little Russia Chilli Parlor, then proceeded to register the domain name The domain name is currently parked.

However, to label the incident with hate towards Russia would be a farfetched conclusion. An article published by Kansas Reflector states that the people did migrate here from the region of Ukraine or Little Russia.

However, instead of identifying with either of the available options, the people identify themselves as Germans. This was because they were the descendants of Germans who were invited by the Russian Crown to settle in the region. 

The report also points out that none of the original inhabitants remain. In fact, visitors turn disappointed many times when they expect a Russian man, but get an American instead at Little Russia.

We sincerely hope that the registrant of the domain name might have done so to gain undue financial advantage. Such a case can be reported to WIPO’s UDRP redressal forums.

We cover a lot of Domain Dispute Stories, and considering the merits of this case, the panel is expected to decide in favour of the Restaurateur.


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