Quad9 joins Cyber Threat Alliance

Quad9 is a prominent recursive DNS resolver. The Swiss organization is the only global public resolver, to not operate for profit but for public welfare. The organization is now going to join the alliance of the world’s most prolific cybersecurity entities: Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA).

CTA is a conglomeration of cybersecurity leaders that work to uphold global security. CTA has categorized its members in three categories. Charter members: Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, etc.; Affiliate members: Avast, McAfee, Cloudbric, etc. and Contributing Members: VMware, Netscout, K7 Computing, etc. We haven’t been aware in which category Quad9 is placed. You can check the list here.

Quad9 replaces default ISP or DNS configuration to protect your device from lookups of fraudulent actors. Such bad actors tend to exploit the DNS of the victim, however Quad9 gives 100% security from such malwares and cyber attacks.

Quad9 through its service blocks more than 15 million domain names each day. Quad9 is also looking to expand its reach globally in a wholesome way. Joining the CTA, does seem like that wholesome way. 

Quad9 can now participate and contribute to cybersecurity issues. Interestingly, Quad9 is the only non-American global recursive resolver as all of the rest are based in the US.


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