Contractor recruitment fraud: How to protect your agency


Contractor recruitment fraud is a long-running scam that preys on temporary work agencies, and unfortunately, it's still thriving in 2023. Fraudsters posing as legitimate clients and contractors work together to defraud recruitment agencies out of thousands of pounds, sometimes even reaching six-figure values

Cybersecurity Awareness for Tourists: Tips for Safe Online Booking


The tourism industry is a lucrative target for cybercriminals who seek to obtain and sell stolen travel points, hotel rewards, and airline credentials. According to a report by Check Point Research, the rise of global and regional threat actors targeting online travel and hospitality customers is alarming. 

Domain Name System changer functionality used in a new cyber scam


Kaspersky has reported the presence of a malicious cyber campaign that it once found in 2018. It has reported that the Roaming Mantis campaign has raised its head again. Not only has it raised its head, it is now using the Domain Name System (DNS) changer functionality to target the victims.

5 fraudulent domain names detected every second


Fraudulent domain names are a nuisance every IT personal faces. However, do you have any idea about the total number of all fraudulent domain names? A report by Akamai claims the number to be at 79 million! The report states that Akamai processed 13 million fraudulent domain names every month in the first half of 2022. This turns out to be close to 5 fraudulent domain names per second! Akamai was...

Quad9 joins Cyber Threat Alliance


Quad9 is a prominent recursive DNS resolver. The Swiss organization is the only global public resolver, to not operate for profit but for public welfare. The organization is now going to join the alliance of the world’s most prolific cybersecurity entities: Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA). CTA is a conglomeration of cybersecurity leaders that work to uphold global security. CTA has categorized its...

Federal Trade Commission proposes law against Brand Impersonation scams


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), an independent entity responsible for the enforcement of antitrust laws and consumer protection, has issued a notice about a new law in making. The Commission has taken into account the growing number of impersonation scams, and is going frame a new rule to regulate it. The notice is termed as Trade Regulation Rule on Impersonation of Government and Businesses...

Debevoise & Plimpton secures cybersquatting domain name


Debevoise & Plimpton, a prominent New YorK City based law firm, was at odds with a domain name that was trying to cybersquat its name.  The firm then went on to Namecheap for the resolution of the issue, but after its unsupportiveness Debevoise had to approach the court. The infringing domain names here were Debevoise-law.com and Debevoise-laws.com. Debevoise & Plimpton original...

Domain hacks plummet the entire cryptocurrency


Domain hacks are getting more frequent than ever. The pandemic enflamed the already burning cases of scams. However, one Cryptocurrency has been the target of attacks, way too many times. And it’s showing in its valuations.  Fantom (FTM) has also been facing the brunt of ongoing crypto falls. The cryptocurreny’s’ value has been continuously depreciating. The coin is...

When Department of Labor domain name was spoofed


While going through my research related to domain names, I stumbled upon this awesome podcast called Federal Drive with Tom. In an episode, Mr. Roger Kay came as a guest and talked about an interesting phishing scam related to the Department of Labor.  Kay during his work noticed a pattern in a number of cases reported by users. They were all about a scam related to the DOL. The scamsters...

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