Qatar Petroleum rebrands to a new name

COP26  Global Summit Glasgow is just at the doors. The conference on climate change is going to attract worldwide attention as parties around the globe present their contributions related to lowering carbon levels. Amid this, an interesting development was seen. 

Qatar Petroleum, one of the state run companies of the oil rich country has rebranded itself. The oil company will now be known as QatarEnergy. The omission of the term and switching it with Energy is a strategic and long sighted move by the company. 

The name change establishes the company’s reclusion from Petroleum. Petrol is one of the key contributors of the global carbon levels. Petrol and Coal companies were particularly criticised for the changing global temperature. Amid the backlash, a number of companies have transitioned to cleaner alternatives. Same goes with QatarEnergy which is primarily focussing on Natural Gas

A quick check regarding their domain names wasn’t very fruitful. The company still operates at their original domain name of However related to their new name, the domain name redirects to

Qatar is also scheduled to host the next football World Cup in 2022. The world has been popularized as ‘the first carbon neutral World Cup‘.


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