Pro-Palestine website spreads fear among Massachusetts’ Jews

A number of news platforms have reported about the presence of a controversial Pro-Palestine domain name that seems to disrupt the environment in Massachusetts. The website has caused special trouble for the Jewish community living there. 

The domain name of the website hasn’t been announced yet. This has been done to stop the spread of the content of the unsettling website. The website showed the names and locations of a number of institutions based in the city. 

Many of these institutions are Jewish in nature. The website claims to dismantle all these structures. The website links the struggle of the Palestinian population with the issue of White Supremacy. 

The website claims that the adversity of Palestinians is aided and supported by the oppressive white dominating societies. The website thus intends to stop these imperialist people and their mentality. 

Jewish organisations are against such provocative websites. A discussion has been initiated to how such platforms can hamper the societies of today. What is actually worrying here isn’t only the website, but the encouragement it gives to the people with a similar mindset.

The United States is already in trouble considering the cases of gun violence and the issue of abortion. Amid these, Jewish Palestine conflict is something that the American administration would like to delay.


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