Price hike in .in domain names?

There is an important update for all the .in domain name holders out there. There is going to be a significant increase in the prices of .in domain names from 1st of April. 2022. The news was posted by the domain name registrar 

In the post, described that they have received a notification from the National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI). The notification talked about a price increase in .in domains. said that this will have a rippling impact on all the registrars and is no different. Every registrar would have to consequently increase the price of .in domains and so has has posted its revised pricing. Domain Renewal prices and Domain Restore prices both are up by 14.31% each. You can check the renewed prices here. It also requested to renew their domain names before 1st of April to avail the names at the old rates.

A look at NIXI’s home website didn’t give me much as there was no notification of price increase. Neither did I find such news on my brief look at the NIXI’s twitter account. Maybe it’s between NIXI and the registrars. In fact on NIXI’s twitter account, I found a great offer on .in domain name that is valid upto 10th of March 2022. Go check it out, here.

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