Why did NIXI change .in registration procedure?

In a previous article, we talked about how NIXI is going to change it’s registration process. The change limited the number of domains that could be registered by individuals and companies. For companies the number was fixed at 100, while individuals could register only 1 domain. Beyond that, the permission of the CEO was required.

This left everyone surprised. This move could seriously limit the number of .in registration and increase the complexity in registering as well. It was discussed that the change in the process would create a bottleneck, more so considering the large size of the country such as India.

The CEO has given his reason behind the move. The CEO pointed out that the change was to bring better compliance and stricter discipline. He stated that the individuals would have to present their Identification documents and the reason as to why they need more than 1 domain name. He also mentioned that until now, none of the requests have been rejected. The change has to be respected and complied by all the different registrars handling .in domain names.

The change is however still debated. Critics claim that NIXI was founded on the principle of making .in domain names available to people. However, with this another bureaucratic hurdle has been erected in front of people. They also question the criteria behind keeping the limit at 100 for business.


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