Political backlash over this New Zealand domain name

World is more aware of itself now. We are beginning to see the fruits of investment in the Internet. People are now gaining awareness about every single entity that can be talked about. Politics is no different. People are realizing themselves and hence their political leanings. The established order is feeling agitated over the rise of different opinions in general and opposing opinions in particular.

A domain name has been causing trouble over politics it’s been associated with. The domain name here is Nuremberg.nz. The domain name is inspired by the Nuremberg trials that took place after the defeat of Axis Powers by the Allied Powers. The website is a mark of protest against the Covid policies, lockdowns and police brutality. The platform lists a number of related cases. Users can then upvote and downvote the issue upon their preferences.

However, there has been growing political backlash over the domain name by one section. The domain name has been termed a part of political trend that brings the Nazi symbols and terminilogies in their every argument. However, the question also rises whether the website supports the Nazi regime in any way?

The domain name is clearly based on Nuremberg. It’s ironic how a domain name based on Nuremberg can be supportive of the Nazis. The term itself symbolizes justice and complete condemnation of Nazi brutalities. It could also be inferred that the domain name owner are against the Nazis and are in fact showing their dissatisfaction with the Pro-vaxers by this comparison.

It’d be unfair to base any website with a political color just because it says something uncomfortable or hampers the agenda of one political camp. It’s also not appropriate to give a clean chit to the domain name. Only a proper investigation could clear the cutter and explain if the domain name owners have malice in their intent or not.


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