PIR to give broader domain name choices to Non-profit organizations

Public Interest Registry continues to work for the betterment of a non-profit organization. As the manager of .org TLD, PIR heavily influences the online persona of NGOs. The company is now trying to bring many other choices of domain names to NGOs. 

According to a report by PR Newswire, PIR is planning the acquisition of .giving from Giving Limited. Along with this it has also joined hands with Donuts Inc over transfer of extensions like .foundation, .charity and .gives. Some reforms are also on the way regarding .ngo and .ong names. 

These changes will give a wide variety of names available to not for profit organizations. Although, .org would remain the first choice for most, the possible choices would provide a beautiful spectrum to choose from. Use of descriptive domain names is getting popular now. A different extension gives unique identifiability and can be remembered easily.


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