.org adopts URS

As of 07/01/2021

You must have heard of UDRP, right? UDRP or the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy is the go-to dispute resolution procedure concerning domain names. However this is not the only way Trademark owners can secure their name from the hands of cybersquatters.

URS (Uniform Rapid Suspension System)  is another method to safeguard trademarks. 

Similar to UDRP if a trademark owner finds that their trademarks have been infringed because of a domain name then they can file a URS.  However there are certain differences. Unlike UDRP,  the domain name’s ownership is not transferred to the trademark owner, rather the domain name is suspended. Also, only gTLDs come under its gambit. ccTLDs and other TLDS like  .com, .net and .org can also adopt  it if they want to. 

According to a report on GIga.Law .org has adopted the URS policy. This means a case of cybersquatting on .org domain can be tackled through UDRP as well as URS.

URS was initiated mainly to keep check on new gTLDs like .mobile, .tech, .mobi, etc. Also, URS needs stricter documentation as compared to UDRP. This and the provision of only suspension are the reasons why most people usually go for UDRP.


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