Opera would now allow Emoji-only domain names

Opera has now started accepting emoji-only domain names. Yes, you could type just a string of emojis in the address bar and it will point to a unique domain name. This new feature came in after Opera’s partnership with y.at.

Earlier, we talked about yats. Yats are distinct unique combinations of emojis. These unique combinations are sold through a platform at the domain name y.at. The name of the combinations, i.e., yat, is derived from this domain name. 

This combination could also be used to point to your own y.at domain name. For example, take the case of popular DJ Steve Aoki. Steve owns the yat ??. This means Steve also owns the domain name ??.y.at. This domain could be accessed and currently redirects to his hoo.be page at hoo.be/SteveAoki. In fact, his y.at domain name is listed on his Twitter Bio too.

But now, with the Opera’s new feature, you could just put ?? in the address bar and it will redirect you to Steve’s page. This little difference is of tremendous significance. This new feature gives y.at some sort of exclusive control over the usage of emoji only domain names. Earlier, yats were used as a Third Level domain name, but now they are being raised to a standalone domain name without the use of even a Top-Level domain name!

Recently, Opera has been taking many bold steps, mostly towards the Web3 space. Opera is perhaps the most popular crypto friendly browser right now. With the amalgamation of yats, Opera is stating that it is not shy of taking bold moves. Opera’s knack of creating new features is not new. In fact, it was Opera that started the feature of tabs. A feature that is so common to every single browser out there now.


  1. Larry Colt Avatar
    Larry Colt

    I am impressed by Opera’s innovative move to accept emoji-only domain names. This new feature, in partnership with y.at, is a significant step towards Web3 space and highlights Opera’s willingness to embrace bold and creative solutions. By allowing users to type a string of emojis in the address bar to access unique domain names, Opera is providing a new and unique way for businesses and individuals to secure their online presence. The example of DJ Steve Aoki owning the yat ?? and having it redirect to his hoo.be page is a testament to the potential of this new feature. Overall, this move by Opera is a positive development in the domain name industry and further cements its reputation as a crypto-friendly browser with a knack for creating new and innovative features.

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