Would you buy a string of Emojis for thousands of dollars?

As of 31/07/2021

The craze for NFTs is not over yet. The online trend of buying digital assets seemed a bit overwhelming to many. Well, if you are one of them then hold your horses, for the cyberworld is abuzz with yet another new trend. 

Recently, many people have been buying uniquely assigned strings of Emojis. People are ready to shed thousands of bucks for their Unique Emojis. As reported by TechCrunch, the buyer’s list includes the likes of Kesha (y.at/???) and Lil Wayne (y.at/??). People are including these emojis in the bios of their social media handle. 

The firm behind this trend is Y.at, and these names are commonly known as yats. Blockchain company Tari Labs is behind these names. Currently the yats are being sold via invite only. But, considering the rising popularity, this is soon expected to be generalised. 

The prices of yats depend on age and popularity. Rarely used yats are available for a few dollars, while those very popular can be priced for thousands of dollars. Recently, ? sold for $425,000!

The crypto ecosystem is based predominantly on anonymity. These yats are a humorous solution to that. You can simply pay an individual, who is just a string of emojis! We went from numbers to domain names. Now everyone is moving towards yats. Well, they don’t say it wrong, ‘Change is the only constant’. 


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